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Gloomy day for Trunky

UPDATE: Politiken will give the new version a try and update the review, so we will see :-). The review was changed to 3 stars. 

Just came a new Danish review in Politiken of Trunky where they give it 2 stars (changed to 3 stars). It seems they have played on an old device with performance issues and it seems it’s not the latest version that actually do fix some of the performance issues on Ipad1. guess there is some poetic paradox to the fact that the game has been reviewed in a number of other places for 4/5 stars in general with kids playing it – these are however 99% foreign sites. For example Homeschool App review, Smartappsforkids, BestAppsForKids and Morsapps

I severely doubt that the journalist actually tested it with children in the target group as the other review sites as a lot kids actually appreciate the somewhat monotone gameplay.

On the other hand I can reveal that we are closing in on 1000 sales and will reach that after 6 weeks with a bit of luck and continued support. A little less than expected and its very much carried by Danish sales, which make you wonder about the relationship between being on the top charts, apple features and reviews. For us it seems that reviews are pretty much next to useless – they drive very little sales.

Will be very interesting to see how the Arab version fares as that is also quite a small market. Expect it out this week  NOW: Trunky Learns Numbers and Trunky Learns Letters :-)

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