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Brain games

For a while we have been working on a really interesting project that aims to bring games to keep senior citizens cognitive fit. Initially, its being rolled out in a number of elderly centers in Copenhagen. The ambition is much bigger for the project, and the project have been very well received so far by the audience, the staff and management. The games are so far only in Danish, and focus on being easy, accessible and positive for the senior audience. Its a very interesting area where we have seen a number of international companies also targetting this area but not specifically for a senior audience. For example Lumosity and Happy Neuron. There have been a few studies showing engagement and gains from games in senior audiences, but I believe it is still quite an under-explored area. With the more accessible interfaces coming out these years, and a broader acceptance of games this could be a very interesting area. Especially considering the potentials. If we can keep the cognitive fitness high longer in a growing senior population it will greatly decreases the cost in the health-care sector.

Check out the Brain Lounge (hjerne lounge).


Screenshot from one of the games.

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