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The market for game-based learning

So these days I am increasingly getting frustrated about the slow progress of my own company (Serious Games Interactive) and the market for game-based learning. So what does one do – well look to new products that have some of the same ideas that one-self is harbouring – with a baby girl I have become more interested in children’s learning game. Right now we are working on a new History series for 10-13 years and developing a concept for a colorbook game – I think they will both rock but I am getting impatience.

However, once in a while there are products that are really encouraging. Recently, I bumped into Itza Bitza and it’s really a nice approach that have been received well, primarily in US so far. Basicially, you progress by reading and then draws the object (see the video below, much easier then explaining). I think it has nice graphics, a clear idea and an appealing core gameplay. I do think that they could make a better integration of the reading part and the creative drawing, but I am sure they are already onto that. The people involve are a really solid mix of competences.

Another project I have been following is Horrible Histories but I am quite sceptical of there approach. I do find the graphics convincing, the humor that drive the book series is somewhat lost, the mini-games look bad and overall its just not a very smooth experience.

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